Studio Majoran

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Malwin Béla Hürkey, a german designer worked in the identity of Studio Majoran, a “Hearty and traditional German cuisine, packaged in Japanese aesthetics.”

Studio Majoran is a catering service which orientates its cooking and appearance on traditional Japanese comities. Not in the manner of its ingredients, rather than on its ceremonial appreciation of the meal. Time, calmness and modest beauty. Those attributes had to be translated and transferred into the design and packaging of Studio Majoran.
The signet is an homage on the old asian Inkan-Seal tradition and conforms as an official signature or an artists signature. We completely relinquished on packaging designation. Solely the seal and additional symbol decorate the shell of the packaging.

Inspired by the characteristics of the blue onion style from the german Meissen porcelain, the symbol system allows to describe every different type of meal Studio Majoran has to offer.

Packaging: Lennart Engelmann

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