Marco Marco

marco_marco_01 marco_marco_02 marco_marco_03 marco_marco_04 marco_marco_05 marco_marco_06 marco_marco_07 marco_marco_08 marco_marco_09 marco_marco_10 marco_marco_11 marco_marco_12 marco_marco_13 marco_marco_14 marco_marco_15 marco_marco_16 marco_marco_17 marco_marco_18 marco_marco_19 marco_marco_20 marco_marco_21

Acre, the design studio based in Singapore work on the branding of Marco Marco, a panini restaurant. Marco Marco explores using local ingredients and food culture as an inspiration for their dishes. Inspired by the life and travels of Marco Polo, we went out to create a sense of adventure in every bite.

The logo and the use of bold Italian red merely acts as an internationally friendly neutral tone. We wanted the food photography to express the brand’s exploratory approach to the ingredients in each recipe. Effectively deconstructing the dishes in a neat and organised manner.

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