Jean Jullien

jean_jullien_01 jean_jullien_02 jean_jullien_03 jean_jullien_04 jean_jullien_05 jean_jullien_06 jean_jullien_07 jean_jullien_08 jean_jullien_09 jean_jullien_10 jean_jullien_11 jean_jullien_12 jean_jullien_13 jean_jullien_14 jean_jullien_15 jean_jullien_16 jean_jullien_17 jean_jullien_18 jean_jullien_19 jean_jullien_20Jean Jullien is a french illustrator based in London. He describes his approach as observational, critical and playful. I would say that his drawings are painfully satisfying for the observer. There is nothing like being depicted with a nice trace and a touch of dark humour. You must have seen his really up to date drawings related to the news, if not I would suggest to take a look at his Instagram account, it’s worth the while.


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