Measuring: This much, That much, How much?

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Tokyo is recently holding an exhibition about measurement – “Measuring: This much, That much, How much?“. A common and banal activity where international standards have been around for only 250 years.

Despite all our effort to rationalize that task, uncertainty has always present in the moment of measuring things. This feeling is reinforced when we realize that the length of the metre is changing regularly. Besides the exhibition there is a Measuring Concept Shop where people can buy diverse materials and products of same price by calculating their weight, this curious method aims to sensitize the audience with the measuring practice in the day-to-dayness

This exhibition aims to illustrate the types of units that are used to measure a great variety of things and phenomenon, and to give them a sense of familiarity that they may not already have. In doing so, we hope to explore perspectives on the processes and design that go into the production of things and to give people a good chance to ponder the sociocultural realities and circumstances that gave rise to these units.


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