A geometry a day

a_geo_a_day_01 a_geo_a_day_02 a_geo_a_day_03 a_geo_a_day_04 a_geo_a_day_05 a_geo_a_day_06 a_geo_a_day_07 a_geo_a_day_08 a_geo_a_day_09 a_geo_a_day_10 a_geo_a_day_11 a_geo_a_day_12 a_geo_a_day_13 a_geo_a_day_14 a_geo_a_day_15 a_geo_a_day_16 a_geo_a_day_17 a_geo_a_day_18 a_geo_a_day_19 a_geo_a_day_20

Geometry a day is a project by Isabella Conticello, a graphic designer based in Milan. Every day, she designed a card, playing with simple geometric shapes, colors and composition.

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