Levels of innovation

level of innovation
“Most people prefer to look at paintings with more traditional and realistic depictions. It seems to take some level of expertise to appreciate more abstract and conceptual stuff. This is true of product design as well.Auto experts, for example, prefer cars with more unusual designs than everybody else does.

This expertise effect has been has been demonstrated in laboratory experiments—simply exposing people to innovative car designs makes them, in a sense, experts, who then prefer more innovative designs.”
Finding the Perfect amount of creativity in cars and religion by Jim Davies

Is innovation per innovation always the best solution or is there a point where transition is needed not to fall in a not-understandable approach? In order to comprehend high creative suggestions there are certain background requirements.

Every creation needs to be based on basic human behaviour or previous habits. That’s why, when change is needed, either you continue improving the version you have, either you go backward to the roots of your idea and the behaviour that inspired it.
As a planner I would say that achieving the right criteria by studying the public is one of the key points of success. Once you know them precisely, you can determinate which is the right amount of innovation that they can handle.

As they mentioned in the article, the example of innovative design in automotive or in the art field, when the expressionism movement emerged.

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