Art as a variable memory


“Art on one level already may be a state of mind. Of course it is first of all a physical object with which we interact in the moment. But after we have seen a work, what do we take away except a memory of it? And memory is a thought, a mental seed planted by the artist, which is reproduced in as many different variations as the number of people in whom the memory exists. What make good art good is partly its power to proliferate as a variable memory, an intangible concept, filtered through individual consciousness.”

Michael Kimmelman – The Accidental Masterpiece: On the Art of Life and Vice Versa

An interesting thought by Michael Kimmelman. What makes good art good is it’s capacity to occupy the viewers’ mind and be developed. Our previous experiences modelling a unique variation of the original theme.

But should we celebrate art pieces allowing our mind to wonder creative variations or should we just keep the common idea as viewers ?

Artwork by Miaz Brothers

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