Media Tube

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Made by Not Available 

“Media Tube is an art organization in China, Shanghai. Founded in 2012 April, it is an independent art gallery that exhibits and present contemporary media artists within a progressive curatorial framework. Media Tube also publish a booklet which shares the art news and critic of international movie and media art pieces. The design is used the art of broad cast as the main visual, and tailor made an official typeface for its publication use. “

Not Available (NA) is established in 2009 by kitcheuk, jerrychow and sungbilly, which is a multi-disciplinary studio focus on branding, design strategy, art direction, interactive media, space design. NA is pleased and honored to serve innovative and creative ones who love to play unexpected twists on everyday simplicity. They believe that staying in the same old groove would not be interesting enough to fulfill your tasks. Their philosophy is NOT following a set routine AVAILABLE in the market, they dare to be different.


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