Google design

google_design_01 google_design_02 google_design_03 google_design_04 google_design_05 google_design_06 google_design_07 google_design_08 google_design_09 google_design_10 google_design_11 google_design_12Few months ago, Google released his new material design. The studio Manual take care of the print version

Material Design is a visual language recently rolled out across all of Google platforms and devices to provide a unified experience. Google has based this new approach on ‘the classic principles of good design combined with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.’ In conceiving Material Design, Google took inspiration from the material world–paper, layering, space, and light—to create an interface that feels tangible and grounded in reality.

To celebrate the launch at the 2014 I/O Conference, Google’s UXA team challenged us to interpret and encapsulate the Material Design philosophy in a limited edition printed takeaway that was both inspiring and functional.

Celebrating the team’s original inspiration, we created a rich, tactile, and layered printed piece. Our concept was to reinterpret the graphic language of Material Design and present it in a reductive and physical way. The kit communicates a set of intentions and design principles through abstract visual postcards. Special attention to print and production details bring the principles to life. Also contained in the kit is a functional sketchbook that provides different UI templates for interface designers to sketch ideas during the conference workshops.


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