hive_01 hive_02 hive_03 hive_04 hive_05 hive_06 hive_07 hive_08 hive_09 hive_10 hive_11 hive_12 hive_13 hive_14 hive_15 hive_16 hive_17 hive_18 hive_19 hive_20 hive_21 hive_22 hive_23 hive_24 hive_25 hive_26 hive_27Here is a nice but fictional branding for the Mobile Innovation Lab, designed by Heck House.


While we were doing initial branding work for the Mobile Innovation Lab, Ben Bloodworth came up with this cute little version of Rand’s bee that had glasses, and the body resembled a wifi signal. We didn’t end up using it, but I wanted to see what I could come up with based around that mark and no corporate restrictions, so I made this on my own time. Basically this is a tongue in cheek idea where the MIL is actually really paper driven.


I wanted to do this as a creative exploration as well as a celebration of the amazing people I work with. I made a *checks INDD file* 50 page book with brand standards, some fun print pieces, and little badges for the designers who were on board at the time. I hope to continue updating it as we get new members, but it’s hard to keep up!


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