tamarindo_01 tamarindo_02 tamarindo_03 tamarindo_04 tamarindo_05 tamarindo_06 tamarindo_07 tamarindo_08 tamarindo_09 tamarindo_10 tamarindo_11 tamarindo_12 tamarindo_13 tamarindo_14 tamarindo_15 tamarindo_16 tamarindo_17 tamarindo_18 tamarindo_19 tamarindo_20 tamarindo_21 tamarindo_22 tamarindo_23 tamarindo_24 tamarindo_25 tamarindo_26 tamarindo_27La Torterilla, a design studio located in Monterrey developed the branding of Tamarindo, a place that mix coffee, restaurant and store.

Located in Ourense, Spain, this place is anything but typical, it is a refreshing alternative for local walkers used to the traditional bar or restaurant. The architect Ruben D. Gil and his wife Gretta R. Valdés decided to spice up the rainy Galician city with an unusual spot to enjoy international cuisine and drinks in an atmosphere of light wood ceilings, adobe walls, dim lighting and steel furniture. The agency worked on the design of its visual identity, stationery materials, packaging for branded products, to go packaging, coasters, menus and tote bags. A custom made bottle of water on each table will welcome its guests in October 2014.


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