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Pikseli had a redesign by Werklig, a Finnish design agency


Pikseli is an office building in Vallila, a central-northern district of Helsinki. The building has always had a strong digital profile, being originally built in the 80’s by Digita Oy, a pioneer in wireless and digital solutions in Finland. Werklig was given the task to design a visual identity for the building to attract new tenants from the field of digital companies.


Seeking inspiration from the digital theme we concentrated on a “smallest” possible unit, the pixel (“pikseli” in finnish). And instead of going for the most obvious, pixelated images and patterns, we scaled the pixel up and turned it to the main element of our design. Every application of the identyty is based on one single pixel. And when going big, we went BIG. The square floor signs measure 1,6 meters per side and the facade of the building was decorated by the nation’s largest QR code directing passers-by to the website.

The colour scheme was designed to partially fit the visual identity of Digita, presently occupying three of the eight floors of the building. The amount of colours was chosen according to the amount of floors in the building, and each floor was given it’s own colour. This is visible throughout the signage system.

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