Seafarers / Ostro

seafarers_01 seafarers_02 seafarers_03 seafarers_04 seafarers_05 seafarers_06 seafarers_07 seafarers_08 seafarers_09 seafarers_10 seafarers_11 seafarers_12 seafarers_13 seafarers_14 seafarers_15 seafarers_16 seafarers_17 seafarers_18 seafarers_19 seafarers_20The studio from New Zealand, Inhouse, designed a stunning branding for the Seafarers Building in Auckland.

An identity system for the rejuvenated Seafarers Building in Auckland’s Britomart precinct. Josh Emett’s OSTRO restaurant is the flagship operation occupying level two of the seven story building that will open in stages throughout 2014. The building’s rich history as Auckland’s Sailors Home provided the basis of the nautical themed branding which is applied through pattern and a limited colour palette to many of the touch-points throughout the building — everything from elevator doors to House Rum.


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