1-2-3-Helsinki! Design en Seine

123_helsinki_design_paris_01 123_helsinki_design_paris_02 123_helsinki_design_paris_03 123_helsinki_design_paris_04 123_helsinki_design_paris_05 123_helsinki_design_paris_06 123_helsinki_design_paris_07 123_helsinki_design_paris_08 123_helsinki_design_paris_09 123_helsinki_design_paris_10 123_helsinki_design_paris_11 123_helsinki_design_paris_12A design by Werklig, a Finnish design company

1–2–3–Helsinki ! Design en Seine was built to embrace design in the broad sense. The event presented a cutting-edge selection of design and innovations, ranging from furniture design and ready-to-wear clothing to textiles and new media. This meant that the identity needed reflect multiple design angles, too.

Seine and it’s riverboats gave the event a “marine” flair. For this reason event’s logo has a double wave form in it: one wave representing water and the other (upside down) representing three steps or jumps (1–2–3). Marine theme was extended by bringing marine flags to the play. Marine flags have very constructivist colours by default and that fitted the theme very well, too.

Typography was built on two iconic French typefaces from totally different eras: Didot and Antique Olive.

From these elements we created a living identity that encompassed the event. All applications from containers to press DVDs were fully branded. Each of the applications were totally unique and hand-sampled from brand key elements.


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