Vanity Projects

vanity_project_01 vanity_project_02 vanity_project_03 vanity_project_04 vanity_project_05 vanity_project_06 vanity_project_07 vanity_project_08 vanity_project_09 vanity_project_10 vanity_project_11 vanity_project_12 vanity_project_13 vanity_project_14 vanity_project_15 vanity_project_16 vanity_project_17 vanity_project_18 vanity_project_19 vanity_project_20 vanity_project_21 vanity_project_22 vanity_project_23 vanity_project_24 vanity_project_25 vanity_project_26 vanity_project_27 vanity_project_28Ryan Vincent designed the identity of Vanity Project, created by the architect Dave Sharp.

Dave encourages ideas and he needed a brand to portray this. He has a vision for his own ideas, and this formed the basis of the identity by incorporating the use of a framing device in the logotype to be used as the main graphic device. This framing device is applied across a range of Dave’s shared thoughts and acts as the “vision” lockup for Vanity Projects shared ideas and resources


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