Neighbourhood Centre

neighbourhood_centre-dorte_mandrup_01 neighbourhood_centre-dorte_mandrup_02 neighbourhood_centre-dorte_mandrup_03 neighbourhood_centre-dorte_mandrup_04 neighbourhood_centre-dorte_mandrup_05 neighbourhood_centre-dorte_mandrup_06 neighbourhood_centre-dorte_mandrup_07 neighbourhood_centre-dorte_mandrup_08 neighbourhood_centre-dorte_mandrup_09The Neighbourhood Centre was build by the danish architecture studio Dorte Mandrup. The building is located in former industrial area from 1880. Today the scheme houses a local library and a café as well as office facilities on the upper floors. The structural changes to the existing building consists primarily of the partial removal of the existing floor decks in order to create a new, triple-high foyer space running the length of the building.

In addition to this, a new building is added offering a small assembly hall. The supporting structure in the hall consists of an exposed framework of plywood covered with thermal glazing panels in pine frames.


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