Olgiati Art Collection

the_second_year_01 the_second_year_02 the_second_year_03 the_second_year_04 the_second_year_05 the_second_year_06 the_second_year_07 the_second_year_08 the_second_year_09 the_second_year_10 the_second_year_11 the_second_year_12 the_second_year_13 the_second_year_14 the_second_year_15For its second year, the Giancarlo and Danna Olgiati Art Collection in Lugano opens to the public. The Swiss/Italian agency CCRZ design the identity and visual language for the exhibit. The big and easily recognizable logotype was served as signage to oriented people across the town, and became the key element for the all campaign.


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