Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec x Hay

bouroullec_hay_01 bouroullec_hay_02 bouroullec_hay_03 bouroullec_hay_04 bouroullec_hay_05 bouroullec_hay_06 bouroullec_hay_07 bouroullec_hay_08 bouroullec_hay_09 bouroullec_hay_10 bouroullec_hay_11 bouroullec_hay_12 bouroullec_hay_13 bouroullec_hay_14 bouroullec_hay_15 bouroullec_hay_16

It’s been awhile that some of you have seen these chairs and tables made by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec in partnership with Hay, but I keep thinking about the luck of students of the Faculty of Humanities at Københavns Universitet. They’re going to study on wonderful pieces of design made by two superstars French designer, while in France I did my studies on the, sadly famous chair, Mullca 510.

The six last pics have been taken by the designers in the Faculty, I you study there send me some pictures and comments.


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