The Pointe

the_pointe_01 the_pointe_02 the_pointe_03 the_pointe_04 the_pointe_05 the_pointe_06 the_pointe_07 the_pointe_08 the_pointe_09 the_pointe_10 the_pointe_11 the_pointe_12 the_pointe_13 the_pointe_14 the_pointe_15 the_pointe_16 the_pointe_17 the_pointe_18 the_pointe_19 the_pointe_20 the_pointe_21The Pointe is a branding designed by Drew Watts. The company is large studio space that changes uses ranging from dance lessons to corporate events to small concerts.

We were tasked with creating a new brand that would highlight the industrial nature of the space as well as generate interest in the local arts and music culture. Our concept was to create a brand that, like the space itself, is continuously changing and evolving. The circle transforms into the letter “P” which regularly changes positions, much like the furnishings in the studio. The icons shift on a gridded system throughout the branded elements revealing information.


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