thailand_01thailand_02thailand_03 thailand_04 thailand_05thailand_06thailand_07 thailand_08 thailand_09 thailand_10 thailand_11 thailand_12 thailand_13 thailand_14 thailand_15 thailand_16 thailand_17 thailand_18 thailand_19 thailand_20 thailand_21 thailand_22 thailand_23If you’re a regular reader of Monocle magazine, you have certainly seen these print ads for the Government of Thailand. Designed by Winkcreative, the campaign give a modern image of Thailand, but still keeps its roots.

As Thailand prepared to host the World Economic Forum, Winkreative was selected by the Office of the Prime Minister to promote the country’s ambitious plans for growth. After devising a comprehensive communications strategy, we created an approachable identity that captures Thailand’s modern spirit.
Since, Winkreative has developed a biannual magazine, global print campaign, short films, website, travelling design showcase, and animated television commercial airing on international networks including BBC World, CNN and Bloomberg.



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