Michaels Guide To Life

michaels_guide_to_life_01 michaels_guide_to_life_02 michaels_guide_to_life_03 michaels_guide_to_life_04 michaels_guide_to_life_05 michaels_guide_to_life_06 michaels_guide_to_life_07 michaels_guide_to_life_08 michaels_guide_to_life_09 michaels_guide_to_life_10 michaels_guide_to_life_11 michaels_guide_to_life_12 michaels_guide_to_life_13 michaels_guide_to_life_14 michaels_guide_to_life_15 michaels_guide_to_life_16 michaels_guide_to_life_17Michaels Guide To Life is a project by Michael Pharaoh from New Zealand.

This was a personal project, I wanted to create a guide to life containing all the good advice and things i’ve learnt in life so far. This was the outcome.


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