Qian Hu Fish Farm

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Darius Ou Dahao designed a branding for Qian Hu Fish Farm, a global integrated ornamental fish service provider and manufacturer of aquarium and pet accessories. They were pioneers of the industry in Singapore.

This project’s direction uses 1980s  ‘ cheesy ‘  nostalgic aquarium imagery and vibe to explore on Qian Hu’s rich history. These imageries have been given a modern reintepretation and twist , whilst keeping its nostalgia. Cyan, a conventional color for water, was used as the main corporate color to represent Qian Hu’s firm beliefs in tradition and straight-forwardness.

The logomark was designed in a grid system that follows the golden ratio of a perfect square and triangle, to reflect on Qian Hu’s emphasis on self-discipline and excellent service. The iconic mascot , the High-Fin loach has great sentimental value to the farm, and was thus retained from the previous branding but given a new illustration style.The same illustration style is also applied to other fishes to create retail identity graphics.

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