Malba Joven

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The design studio from Buenos Aires, Empatía developed this minimalist branding for The Museum of Latinoamerican Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA) – and more specifically the membership program that promotes MALBA’s activities, to support the collection and enjoy exclusive benefits including special events and unlimited free entry to exhibitions. Be part of something. Be part of Malba Joven.


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  • […] The historical simulations actually offer us the possibility to establish direct communication with their former players, no matter what time in history they come from. This form of contextualisation of learning and knowledge in museums, offers a very wide range of possibilities and solutions to strengthen the relationship between learning and Diversin fan. The objects are supported by the localization in time, in one place, Accompanied by its protagonists (we come to use virtual ghost to tell a story). All this deployment results in the curious visitor, you unknowns to solve, search of answers, etctera. also can be machined unconscious exploration experiences for visitors, with the support of activities that are very entertaining for its magical and surprising character in both the visual and the physical plane. All geared to make the museum visit is memorable. Other intangible element gives talk in museogrfico project, which today is a very important factor any draft value. Design: Malba Joven […]

  • […] Diseño: Malba Joven […]

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