Saad Studio

Saad_01 Saad_02 Saad_03 Saad_04 Saad_05 Saad_06 Saad_07 Saad_08 Saad_09 Saad_10 Saad_11 Saad_12 Saad_13 Saad_14 Saad_15 Saad_16Today I’m featuring a branding for a Brazilian design studio, Saad.

The brand was built under three main pillars: the perfect synchrony between branding and design, the creation of brands that talk to their audience and notable results. From that, a flexible and human brand was created, a brand that relates to its customers — which is exactly what can be expected from all of the brands under the saadbranding+design’s signature. A minimal visual identity portrays some sort of craft-like appeal in its pieces which can relate to the exclusivity and personalized service offered to its customers.


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