Plymouth College of Art

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YCN Studio produced the latest campaign for Plymouth College of Art, which showcase the highly physical approach to creative education of the school. When every schools is trying to promote their latest digital programs, you need to have balls to go back to handcraft, and consider the internet as a creative tool like screen-printing, photography or fashion design. I’m also impressed by the quality of the video and posters made for the school, because that’s always something that lacks in a communication of schools (if only a French schools could read this).

Alex Ostrowski, YCN Studio explains the idea behind the campaign:

“The college deeply believes in putting physical facilities at the heart of creative education. We wanted to focus on the idea of energy and explore the infinite things it can do and become.”

The Guardian recently declared 2013 “a sad year for creative education”. Plymouth College of Art wants to put out a positive message for 2014:

“Art School should be a place to think with your body as well as your head, as people have done for millenia. We must make sure our Art Schools don’t turn into offices and lecture halls.”

If you wan more info, check YCN Studio


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