Porter & Plot

porter_and_plot_01 porter_and_plot_02 porter_and_plot_03 porter_and_plot_04 porter_and_plot_05 porter_and_plot_06 porter_and_plot_07 porter_and_plot_08 porter_and_plot_09 porter_and_plot_10 porter_and_plot_11 porter_and_plot_12

Here is a new branding by Dia  (see also Bunch identity) for Porter &, a series of high end wines from both France and the US currently being launched by California based online retailer Club W.

We were inspired by old port bottles and packing labels. This helped us create an aesthetic that relates to the brand name in subtle way. At the same time, we wanted to make sure the design felt premium and modern. We employed the beautiful Pitch typeface by Klim and created simple icons relating to the wine making process.

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