Stichting Antheil

stichting_antheil_01 stichting_antheil_02 stichting_antheil_03 stichting_antheil_04 stichting_antheil_05 stichting_antheil_06 stichting_antheil_07 stichting_antheil_08Here is a crazy idea for the identity of Stichting Antheil a museum dedicated to the musical genius George Antheil. He was well-know for having distorted the way to make music, so the student Jelle Zweegers has disassembled then reassembled a scanner to created a distorted logo.

The scanner is the identity of Stichting Antheil, the printed corporate identity has to be scanned by an employee everytime a letter leaves the building. This way a dynamic identity is created by the foundation employees itself.


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  • Reply March 28, 2014

    Rita Castillo

    I have a George Antheil invention you may like to see. If interested I will scan and send it to you.It’s a 1920’s French patent and drawing of an automatic mechanical music notation device that uses relays and switches mounted to a keyboard that reads keystrokes and records them to paper. Very worthy addition to the Antheil Museum.

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