Print Pencil & Paper

print_pencil_paper_01 print_pencil_paper_02 print_pencil_paper_03 print_pencil_paper_04 print_pencil_paper_05 print_pencil_paper_06 print_pencil_paper_07 print_pencil_paper_08 print_pencil_paper_09 print_pencil_paper_10 print_pencil_paper_11 print_pencil_paper_12 print_pencil_paper_13 print_pencil_paper_14 print_pencil_paper_15 print_pencil_paper_16 print_pencil_paper_17 print_pencil_paper_18 print_pencil_paper_19 print_pencil_paper_20 print_pencil_paper_21Print. Pencil & Paper is retailer selling analog design equipment that directly target graphic designers. The identity was designed by Sofie Platou

The goal was to make the products easy to understand, with informative packaging. The profile is based on black print, colored paper and different grid patterns used for categorizing and creating system.


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