Revert Design

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Trevor Finnegan from Dublin launched Revert Design, his own design studio. Inspired by the works of M.C. Escher and Reutersvärd, Trevor designed an hypnotic identity with the font called  Macula, created by a Dutch type designer Jacques Le Bailly a.k.a. Baron von Fonthausen.

I was also  experimenting with patterns while screen printing and decided to use these in my new logo design. The 4 patterns used are to represent the main areas of design I work in – Branding, Print, Interactive and Interiors. While the green colour comes from the word ‘vert’ which is green in French.

With my budget pretty low for this project I wanted to do the printing myself, so I got rubber stamps made which I could use throughout. The business cards were all hand crafted using 100% recycled 750gsm grey card and spray painted around the edges. All the printed info was stamped from a self inking stamp. The process used for the pattern postcards is similar except these cards were individually hand printed front and back with rubber stamps that I made.

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