Styria Digital

styria_digital_01 styria_digital_02 styria_digital_03 styria_digital_04 styria_digital_05 styria_digital_06 styria_digital_07 styria_digital_08 styria_digital_09 styria_digital_10 styria_digital_11 styria_digital_12 styria_digital_13 styria_digital_14 styria_digital_15 styria_digital_16 styria_digital_17 styria_digital_18 styria_digital_19Moodley Brand Identity designed the new identity of Styria Digital Holding, a company that create content. They develop a new identity for the digital section of the group.

Creative Direction: Mike Fuisz
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Kurt Glänzer
Director Digital & Project Management: Birgit Taucher
Programming: Mario Sommer


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