Smutje – Fisch am Eck

smutje_01 smutje_02 smutje_03 smutje_04 smutje_05 smutje_06 smutje_07 smutje_08 smutje_09 smutje_10 smutje_11 smutje_12 smutje_13 smutje_14 smutje_15 smutje_16Students Zibin Florian Loi and Thilo Schinkel designed a branding for the Northern Germans’ favorite delicacy – the Fischbrötchen. 

Knowledge of old values and traditional production are the top priority of Smutje. Smutje also emphasizes its characteristic identity, which is visualized in a multi dimensional combination of form, color and typography.

In an up-to-date visualized environment the brand links product and theme through functionality. In addition high degree of abstraction and reduction of elements stay in contrast to soft forms and colors. The logo combines the product, a cut fish filet, with an abstracted corner of a building – am Eck (at the corner) – in a perspective view. The logo also refers to the store’s location, which is located at a block’s corner.
Naming: As the ship‘s chief cook the Smutje holds responsibility for creating the daily menu and the purchase and storage of food for long journeys. Therefore, he is also called the most important man aboard, since the crew’s mood is determined by his meals.



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