Sadly by your side

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Sadly by your side is an album and an app. The app is a processing and remixing tool where each song can be endlessly transformed depending on the images you focus on with your camera.Using custom built software, the visual input is converted into a new image painted with red, blue and black.

Each of these colors directly affects elements of the music. In the end, each track is unique, with a remodeled harmony, melody and rhythm, constructed as a direct result of the environment captured by the camera.

To listen to the song in its original form, focus the app on one of the eight images available in the book Sadly by your side. They contain the exact amount of red, blue and black to produce the right harmony, melody and rhythm.

Making of:
Artist profile:

App by Angelo Semeraro, Video by Giacomo Pennicchi & Coleman Guyon, Music Davide Cairo, Graphic Design by Matteo Di Iorio, Claudio Fabbro

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