Antalis Calenclock

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The Hong Kong studio Blow designed last year a really nice desktop calendar embedded with a clock, named Calenclock. A project for Antalis

Inspired by the relationship between the 12 calendar months and the 12 hourly time, we have designed a new format, Calenclock that combines both into a clever all-in-one desktop solution. The minute and hour hands of the clock are inter-positioned on top of a split-page calendar backing. What makes this concept even more striking is the random and targeted sayings and quotes on the calendar pages. Each calendar month carries a lighthearted message with respect to the month, such as “Happy New Start”, “No One Else But You”, “No Public Holidays, Work Hard!” and “Trick or Treat!”

Since it’s not a digital clock, you’ve got to tear one side of the calendar on the Calenclock to mark each passing day. Afterall, the Calenclock is a very environmental friendly calendar because when the 12 months pass, it is still a desktop clock with the meaningful message “Treasure Every Second”.

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