A Conversation Piece

a_conversation_piece_01 a_conversation_piece_02 a_conversation_piece_03 a_conversation_piece_04 a_conversation_piece_05 a_conversation_piece_06 a_conversation_piece_07 a_conversation_piece_08 a_conversation_piece_09 a_conversation_piece_10 a_conversation_piece_11 a_conversation_piece_12 a_conversation_piece_13 a_conversation_piece_14This hypnotic branding is a self promotion campaign called “A Conversation Piece” by Freja Hedvall (see also Workshpped). Back from Australia, Freja led a funny campaign to create a more intimate connection with the studios she loves. But firstly, she did a really nice work of typography, using three different font, but with the essential coherence.

The campaign is a conversation through different mediums via a set of post cards sent every week to the design studios. Each card reveals something about me and invites the receiver to reply back and create parts of the content. Listen Up introduces an open Spotify playlist with great working music. Let the playlist grow! Taste This reveals the simplest chocolate cake recipe for a busy afternoon at the office. Share your masterpiece with others via a specific Instagram tag.


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