Foyer Viêt Nam

foyer_vietnam_01 foyer_vietnam_02 foyer_vietnam_03 foyer_vietnam_04 foyer_vietnam_05 foyer_vietnam_06 foyer_vietnam_07 foyer_vietnam_08 foyer_vietnam_09 foyer_vietnam_10 foyer_vietnam_11 foyer_vietnam_12 foyer_vietnam_13 foyer_vietnam_14 foyer_vietnam_15 foyer_vietnam_16 foyer_vietnam_17 foyer_vietnam_18 foyer_vietnam_19 foyer_vietnam_20 foyer_vietnam_21 foyer_vietnam_22 foyer_vietnam_23 foyer_vietnam_24 foyer_vietnam_25 foyer_vietnam_26 foyer_vietnam_27 foyer_vietnam_28 foyer_vietnam_29 foyer_vietnam_30 foyer_vietnam_31 foyer_vietnam_32 foyer_vietnam_33 foyer_vietnam_34Foyer Viêt Nam is a french charity association, it’s a place open for the Vietnamese community, or people who want to discover more about the country and his culture. The small studio XXS designed a wonderful identity that show the modern and dynamic face of the vietnamese culture. A branding where the key elements are the minimalist patterns, the Didone modern font and a really good selection of pictures.


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