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Last year, I’ve been completely stunned by the espresso machine made by Arvid Häusser (here). Since, he continued to produce well-designed products. His last creation is a coffee mill quite close to his coffee machine, but it’s still a perfect combination between wood, ceramic and gears. I also really appreciate the fact you can order the machine as a construction kit. The Bauhaus is not dead.

The hand operated coffeemill Kasper works with a visible planetary gear. This gear makes grinding coffee stunningly smooth and easy. The wall mounting feature saves workspace and reduces the strength needed. All porcelain parts are light-tight and tasteless, making them ideal for storing coffee beans and powder. The tank is built to hold 250 grams of coffee beans and the collecting vessel´s volume is made for four cups of coffee.Kasper will be available in two different versions. One version is a ready-to-use product, which can be easily mounted on the wall and quickly starts grinding. Alternatively, for those eager to get deep insights in the mechanics behind their morning coffee, Kasper comes in a do-it-yourself construction kit.

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