gryps_01 gryps_02 gryps_03 gryps_04 gryps_05 gryps_06 gryps_07 gryps_08 gryps_09 gryps_10 gryps_11 gryps_12 gryps_13 gryps_14 gryps_15 gryps_16 gryps_17 gryps_18 gryps_19This work first got my attention because of the typography, a very nice, intimate handmade font, then I saw the paper planes and I made the connection between the intimate font and the meaning behind “sending a private paper-plane”. But when I discovered the nature of the client and the english translation of the title, Gryps, everything was obvious. This is a school project by Zuzanna Rogatty, the word Gryps means “secret message” in english, but it’s also the name of the client that organize a Poetry Festival for prisoners in Poland.
The only thing I can say is congratulations.

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  • Reply September 4, 2013

    Bercklee Student

    I find that cool! the way is all simply attached, i mean it looks friendly. like a party in a classroom where the teacher always gets mad. :P
    i don¨t know nothing about Poland except that Chopin was born there… and as this day where hard work goes on… even if not realize. that’s the greatest way to start. Poland festival here i go!

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