voubelle_20 voubelle_21 voubelle_22 voubelle_23

voubelle_02 voubelle_03 voubelle_04 voubelle_05 voubelle_06 voubelle_07 voubelle_08 voubelle_09 voubelle_10 voubelle_11 voubelle_12 voubelle_13Voubelle, is a brazilian clothing brand for young women, they approached Anora Campo to design the brand identity. They established four pillars to distinguish the brand: exclusivity, informality, status and youthfulness.

We studied not only the written structure of some brands but as Indo-European languages​​, seeking the peculiarities of French, English and Italian. We decided that we would create a new name for the brand. This name does not need to have a specific meaning, but should bring European attributes. The name created, besides attending the briefing and brandcore, has a second meaning that the Portuguese remember the term “to go beautiful”



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