Tell a Story

tell_a_story_01 tell_a_story_02 tell_a_story_03 tell_a_story_04 tell_a_story_05 tell_a_story_06 tell_a_story_07 tell_a_story_08 tell_a_story_09 tell_a_story_10 tell_a_story_11 tell_a_story_12 tell_a_story_13 tell_a_story_14I love books, so I haven’t been insensible when MSTF Partners shared with me their project for Tell a Story, a book shop on wheels. They designed a nice stationary enhanced by the illustrations. They also developed a new typeface for the last  promo/action/campaign.

“Once upon a time there was a country born with the gift of writing, an author that wanted to tell a story, a book that wanted to be read, a tourist that did not speak portuguese and a bookshop that did not know how to remain in the same place. All of them joined together and wrote a new story.”

And this is how the story of the 4 wheel book store begins, as told in And it has everything for a happy ending.

Tell a Story is a book shop that sells translated Portuguese literary pieces, so as to make literature known as a “postcard” of our culture. Because we believe there’s no better way to remember a journey than a book. And that nothing makes one travel more than reading. In a country of stories and great storytellers we want to challenge those who visit us to Tell a Story about Portugal.

This project was launched to address a market gap identified by its founders. The brand’s concept was developed by MSTF Partners. From its naming to identity, the brands story, online and offline, and its market proposition, this was a happy story of great team work between both parts involved.

Tourists can finally find literature pieces of Fernando Pessoa, José Luís Peixoto, Eça de Queiroz, Miguel Sousa Tavares, Miguel Torga, António Lobo Antunes, Sophia de Mello Breyner and José Saramago just around the corner.



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