riksteatret_01 riksteatret_02 riksteatret_03 riksteatret_04 riksteatret_05 riksteatret_06 riksteatret_07 riksteatret_08 riksteatret_09 riksteatret_10 riksteatret_11 riksteatret_12 riksteatret_13 riksteatret_14 riksteatret_15Burea Bruneau designed an identity for Riksteatret, the Norway´s national touring theatre. The brief aimed at renewing and repositioning the brand to increase the theatre´s audience among culture enthusiasts across the whole of Norway.

Since theatre is still perceived as somewhat “elitist” among the general public, our solution aimed at negating this misconception and creating a more direct expression which could also communicate to the younger generation. The result manifests itself in a renewed brand that appears contemporary and ambitious yet does not sacrifice a visible long history.


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