The Swap Show

the_swap_show_01 the_swap_show_02 the_swap_show_03 the_swap_show_04 the_swap_show_05 the_swap_show_06 the_swap_show_07 the_swap_show_08 the_swap_show_09 the_swap_show_10 the_swap_show_11 the_swap_show_12 the_swap_show_13 the_swap_show_14 the_swap_show_15 the_swap_show_16 the_swap_show_17 the_swap_show_18 the_swap_show_19 the_swap_show_20

The Swap Show is an exhibition exchange between design studios and creative agencies from cities around the world designed to showcase and celebrate creative work internationally. Stretching beyond material exchanges, The Swap Show provides an experience and raises design awareness across the board. It calls for good design, perspectives and people to congregate.
Because sharing is good.

A project by Foreign Policy

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