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Here his the second showcase of Kokoro & Moi, we are still in Helsinki and it’s still a really nice design by this local studio.

Torikorttelit – the old city centre of Helsinki – is where tomorrow’s Helsinki is created and experienced. It is a platform that gathers together doers and feelers. At Torikorttelit everyone can join in creating a new city – little by little, deed by deed. It is a place where the people can transform their city into a more courageous, more exciting, more open, more shared, and even more cherished Helsinki.

The visual identity was designed to communicate the new vivid and diverse city. It is a combination of the history of the old merchant area, the progressive beat of the city today and visions for the future. The classic stripes and the Helsinki colour palette together with the modern typography create a bold look and feel for all communications from spatial design to marketing. The identity speaks volumes about the diversity, the layers of architecture and of the attitude with which the area is taking its place in Helsinki as a catalyst for new things to come. Its objective is to create awareness for the events, experiences and opportunities that lie at the heart of Torikorttelit.

Kokoro & Moi has also been involved in developing the action plan and programme for the area. The visual identity extends from the logo to information graphics and signage, from advertising to physical and digital environments, and from printed matter and stationery to publications – among other things.


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