Royal Dodo

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Grant Spanier is a creative from Minneapolis that I had the luck to meet. He recently launched with some friends, his own studio, LESS Co. He started from scratch this branding, and made a really impressive research to find the perfect combinaison. A example for the documentation and creative paths explored, it’s also a good way to expose to the client that you have done everything to find the right design.

Royal Dodo is a project I undertook for two reasons. First, to show my/LESS Co.‘s capabilities in developing a brand from scratch. And second, to document the creative process. Royal Dodo is a premium vodka brand. The dodo—traditionally a symbol of obsolescence, clumsiness and failure—is redefined and the perception of it is elevated to one of luxury, charm and wit.

Best served chilled.


  • Reply July 9, 2013

    Michelle Hum

    At first I thought you got this from the Minneapolis Egotist website, but then I saw it was published much earlier. Do you know Grant?

    • Reply July 9, 2013

      Thomas Bouillot

      Yes, we’ve met last year, when I was intern at BBDO. We had a coffee at the very Minneapolis Dunn Bros Coffee ;)

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  • Reply July 15, 2013

    Peter Hose

    Can you tell me what stock the Typographic Diary is on?

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