Efren & Maria

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These wonderful wooden boxes are the invitations for the wedding of Efren & Maria. Designed by Jose Gomez and Herminia Mira, two graphic designer from Spain.

When one of your best friends ask you about design the invitations for his wedding day you think alot about everything. The pressure, if your design will be enough for this event, if you are on time… but over everything, if you will be able to show all your love in your friend in the piece. There are comercial jobs, personal jobs, and then we find these ones. The most difficult ones.

The developement of the main idea comes from both of them, their relationship with the world and the relation they have each other.

With Herminia Mira, great creative designer, we managed this project with a craft heart, studying and learning about processes like stamping, screen printing and wood works. He is chemical and she has a farmicy, which made us think every moment in a specific drawing or symbols language. It is a sensitive, natural, warm and pure object, adjectives that describe maria and Efren too.

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