Mag Is In

mag_is_in_01 mag_is_in_02 mag_is_in_03 mag_is_in_04 mag_is_in_05 mag_is_in_06 mag_is_in_07 mag_is_in_08 mag_is_in_09 mag_is_in_10 mag_is_in_11 mag_is_in_12 mag_is_in_13 mag_is_in_14 mag_is_in_15 mag_is_in_16 mag_is_in_17 mag_is_in_18 mag_is_in_19 mag_is_in_20 mag_is_in_21 mag_is_in_22 mag_is_in_23 mag_is_in_24 mag_is_in_25 mag_is_in_26Here is a work co-created by Francesca Oddenino and Vanessa Poli, two graphic designer from Turino. These are booklets covering several topics, developed in the Polytechnic University of Turin, under the supervision of prof. Fabio Guida, and with the collaboration of Plug Creativity, Progresso Grafico, Novero Seriprint. Many thanks to prof. Paolo Tamborrini and to the many graphic designers who believed in the project.

Pictures: Self Publish Be Happy


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