Dylan Culhane

dylan_culhane_01 dylan_culhane_02 dylan_culhane_03 dylan_culhane_04 dylan_culhane_05 dylan_culhane_06 dylan_culhane_07 dylan_culhane_08 dylan_culhane_09 dylan_culhane_10 dylan_culhane_11 dylan_culhane_12 dylan_culhane_13 dylan_culhane_14 dylan_culhane_15 dylan_culhane_16 dylan_culhane_17 dylan_culhane_18 dylan_culhane_19 dylan_culhane_20 dylan_culhane_21 dylan_culhane_22 dylan_culhane_23 dylan_culhane_24Dylan Culhane is a photographer based in Cape Town, helped by the graphic designer Ben Johnston they developed an wonderful identity for his activity. A branding with some really interesting details, the repetition of the circle run through by a line, the mix between graffiti, the embossing and the stamp.


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