The Good Store

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The Good Store is an experiment for  Good by Victoria Herrera (Team Leader), Fred Carriedo (see also Transform), Jessica Giboin and Ihan Huang. He created different branding that cover a large variety of topics but always with a perfect execution, but also few déjà vue.


Create an entirely new retail store and extensive product line. Consider what your company provides: location, architecture, etc.SOLUTION
As designers, it has become our job to think about what we consume, use and design, so I reached for my favorite magazine, GOOD, for the answer.

GOOD Worldwide, LLC. is a media platform that promotes, connects, and reports on individuals, businesses, and non-profits “pushing the world forward.” GOOD produces a website (, a quarterly magazine, online videos, and events highlighting examples of what is sustainable, prosperous, productive, creative, and equitable.
The content covers a variety of topics, including the environment, education, urban planning, design, food, politics, culture, lifestyle, technology, sex and health. It seems that the next step for GOOD is to open a branch of stores that only sell products with the same concept and goal: to push the world forward.


  • Reply May 17, 2013


    Unbelievable work! Such brilliant single-mindedness is very admirable. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Reply July 1, 2013


    This was actu­ally a group project! Here are the rest of the team mem­bers and their websites:)

    Victoria Herrera (Team Leader) : http://​www​.vic​to​ria​-her​rera​.com

    Jessica Giboin : http://​www​.jes​sicagi​boin​.com

    Ihan Huang : http://​www​.ihan​-huang​.com

    Lydia Muyadi

  • Reply October 18, 2013

    Fred Carriedo

    To put closure on this subject, Jessica, this project derived from my site. It was not submitted by me to be feautured here. How ever, the idea was my own and I did a lot of the work and it is all my photography (it reflects the rest of the work on my site which was all done by me with the exception of “Confessions by Adobe” as you can see, I credited everyone in the team for this project). This was the conclusion of a good project gone wrong by part of a couple team members (including yourself) who decided to exclude the rest of the team from the photo shoot images that everyone in the team participated in. I was then forced to shoot the work on my own to be part of my graduate portfolio site. I did not mention that it was a group project only because that is what was decided by the other team members (You, Jesica, and Victoria). I have participated in many group projects with great outcomes but this great collaboration was the only “bad crop” out of many successful colab project.

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