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Atrium is a prominent architectural bureau based in Moscow that is renowned for its outstanding architectural solutions, among other accomplishments. A branding realized by Flëve Design Consultancy

As Atrium approaches its 20th anniversary, the bureau has rightly decided it needs a new look and feel that is well-suited for the 21 century. Atrium has asked us to help them create a powerful identity system that would set the company apart from its competitors.
The idea behind the identity system is based on a symbol designed in the shape of “A”, which can take on different variations and is built on a special grid. The brand mark symbolizes the architect’s work with space and light, when its variability reflects the flexible approach that Atrium applies in its work. To make the identity system even more versatile, we have introduced a contour-based version of the brand mark that reflects architectural concepts and notions such as structure, construction and frame.

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    Olivia dela Rosa

    Hi, I’m Olivia from Just wanted to let you know that we really admire this post and recognised this particular project as one of the most creative business card designs (flat design inspired):

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