Circo De Bakuza

circo_de_bakuza_01 circo_de_bakuza_02 circo_de_bakuza_03 circo_de_bakuza_04 circo_de_bakuza_05 circo_de_bakuza_06 circo_de_bakuza_07 circo_de_bakuza_08 circo_de_bakuza_09 circo_de_bakuza_10

That’s a very enigmatic branding for the agency Circo de Bakuza, a minimalist black and white stationery brighten up with flashy color and a perfect gothic font.

“Originating from Montreal, Canada and with an office in Paris, the company’s identity is ‘playful yet serious’. The word Awake reads Dream when turned upside down; the image of a kitten, when manipulated, reveals a lion; and the business cards invite the holder to discover a hidden phrase.”


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