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Bureau Rabensteiner send us another great work still related to their mountainous region (have a look on their last featured projects Meier Seefeld and N.Daniels). The typographic work is really nice, I also love the background pattern that’s look like mountains.

‘Schimeier’ is a ski rental shop in Seefeld, Austria, a town located in the middle of the Tyrolean alps. The Meier family business is getting the gear ready for their skiers right at the foot of the Gschwandtkopf mountain at an altitude of 1,495 meters (4,905 feet). Charm and professionalism both characterize the business in equal measures – which is why loyal winter tourists return with their families year after year.

It was our intention to incorporate this special business with a personal touch using different mediums ranging from the right name to the overall look & feel to highlight those very qualities and make the rental shop a central point of every vacation experience. This was not about the delivery of a fancy Stationery printed on high-class paper, but the creation of the right messaging to convey sportsmanship, technology, the soul of Tyrol with its unique language, the personable team and the Gschwandtkopf mountain itself right at the center of it all.

Despite our ambition we were not willing to compromise on detail and instead deep dove into the matter using design to convey the connection between the customers and their vacation experiences. Our business cards for example resemble lift tickets and are meant to remind the vacationer, even when back at home, of Seefeld’s sun and glistening snow with a 100% waterproof souvenir.

Dear Guest, see you next year,
The Schimeiers
Schi… German word for ski
Meier… The owner’s family name
‘Frisch gwachselt’… just waxed (skis)


Client: N. Daniels Fotoproduktion
Creative direction: Mike Rabensteiner
Graphic design: Isabella Meischberger
Product photography: Mike Rabensteiner

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